FAQs for the PC version

Whenever I try to start a match I get a message which quotes the reference 84DP (I have Windows 95).

The most common problem is that Windows 95 has over-written your disk! In this case return Disk 1 only to Audiogenic for replacement, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope. Please make sure that the replacement disk is write-protected AT ALL TIMES.

Another possibility is that you've missed out part of the installation, probably when you were creating the short-cut. When you start the program by double-clicking on the cricket ball icon you should get a warning message that Windows 95 is about to close down. The machine will then exit from Windows, and re-boot into DOS. If this isn't happening check very carefully items 9 to 11 in the installation instructions.

When the program starts up it says that it can't find a mouse driver (Windows 95).

Check that you understand and have correctly followed item 12 of the installation instructions.

I get a message saying that there isn't enough memory - but I have 16mb!

Lara '96 is a DOS game, and requires at least 540k of conventional memory. If you have DOS 6.xx try running MEMMAKER (accept all the default options). If you have Windows 95 remove any unnecessary lines from the AUTOEXEC.BAT listing in the PIF file. For example, if you have the floppy version, you don't need CD drivers. If you have DOS 5 or earlier you may need to use a 'boot disk'.

As soon as the first ball is bowled, the game crashes.

The sound card has been set up incorrectly. Check what the settings should be, and re-run the installation program.