FAQs for the Amiga version

After restoring a saved game the time is corrupted.

The latest release of the program fixes this problem.

I have 2md, but the disk-caching doesn't seem to work.

The disk-caching was unintentionally disabled in an early release. Download the latest version.

When I choose the New Zealand team the team name does not appear correctly.

Download the latest version.

The game crashes at random intervals.

If you inadvertently try to save to the Game Disk (and get the message 'Cannot Modify Game Disk') the game in memory will be corrupted. If you attempt to continue playing, or restore the game after apparently successfully saving, the game will crash eventually. The only solution is to make sure that you have your Save Disk in the drive at the right time!

I didnít read the instructions properly, and now I canít get the international teams back.

Boot up the Amiga into the CLI and copy the file INTER.TM over the file DIR.TM (ie copy