FAQs for the Amiga version

The game asks for disk 3 - but I only got two disks when I bought the game.

There are only 2 disks. The message asking for disk 3 means that the program was unable to identify Disk 1 as an original when the game was first loaded. If you have installed the game to hard drive, make sure you follow the instructions exactly. If you are using copies of the original disks, don't - use the originals. If all else fails, make a note of the passwords whenever they are displayed, and if you get the 'Disk 3' message, reload the game and re-start using the latest password.

The passwords I enter don't work (A1200 version only).

This problem only occurs on an early release. To prevent it happening, go to the password screen before starting a game and enter any password. This will correctly initialise the password encryption routine.